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Although this radio started life as a plain Futaba T8FG, firmware upgrades have elevated it to a T8FG Super with capacity for 14 channels (using Futaba SBus). I purchased it secondhand from a forum member in the fall of 2012 and have been using it ever since. This is the only radio I fly with and it's incredibly capable.

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Timer on throttle stick

Neither the manual nor the supplementary notes give an adequate explanation of how to set up the timer on the throttle stick. I had to figure it out by trial and error so I'm including the steps here for posterity.

Given the following programming the timer will advance whenever the throttle is moved up 5 or more clicks from idle and will pause when the throttle is moved down to the 4th click or below. The timer will count up to 10 minutes, beeping once every minute. When 20 seconds remain, the beeps will sound once per second. When 10 seconds remain, the beeps will sound twice per second. At the 10 minute mark a long beep will sound, and afterwards beeps will return to once per minute. The timer will hold its value when the transmitter is turned off and can be reset with the spring-loaded SH switch.

I know these settings work; feel free to experiment with others.

1. Turn on the transmitter
2. On the HOME screen, highlight ST1 and tap RTN
3. On the TIMER screen, set MODE to UP
4. Set ALARM to 10:00 and select the up arrow
5. Set MEMORY to ON
6. Highlight the START option and tap RTN
7. On the H/W SELECT screen, highlight J3 and tap RTN twice
8. On the ON/OFF screen, for POS highlight SET
9. Move the throttle stick to the first line above idle (four clicks) and tap RTN
10. Set ON/OFF to REV
11. Set MODE to LIN
13. Tap S1 and tap RTN twice
14. Highlight the RESET option and tap RTN
15. On the H/W SELECT screen, highlight SH and tap RTN twice
17. Hold down S1 to return to the home screen

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Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Spread Spectrum Technology: FASST
Mode: 2
Channels: 8 (14 with S.Bus)
Computer: Yes
Model memory: 20
Battery: 7.2V 1700 mAH NiMH
Bound aircraft: Hobbistar
Pulse 125
Trainer 26
Cessna 150

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Vendor page

Transmitter manual

Supplementary notes

Simulating a servo-slow function (Used for the flaps on my Cessna 150)

Setting up a timer



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