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This is the transmitter that came with my Hobbistar trainer. I was very pleasantly surprised to find it in the box in place of the specified Futaba 6YG.

During flight school I used the T6EXAP for the first couple of afternoons with a trainer cord and buddy box borrowed from the club. After the second night I went to my local hobby store (LHS) and purchased the Futaba T7C with the accompanying Futaba R617FS receiver. I made this purchase for several reasons:

I used the two radios with great success for the remainder of my training. After I got my wings the buddy box was no longer needed and I sold the T6EXAP and its receiver.

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Frequency: 72 MHz (FM)
Channel: 44 (72.670 MHz)
Mode: 2
Channels: 6
Computer: Yes
Model memory: 6
Battery: 9.6V 1650 mAH NiMH
Bound aircraft: 0

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Transmitter manual

No longer listed on the Futaba website

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