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As the 2012 flying season and my aerobatic practice progressed I began to think of a scale aerobatic airplane for 2013. I figured I'd buy a 30cc sized Almost Ready to Fly airframe and equip it with the components that fit best. In October, however, a complete 50cc SBach came up for sale on an online forum at an excellent price. The seller was someone I knew - we talked it over, and I bought the plane. Hello, giant scale!

There was some cleaning up to do changes I wanted to make, so it was overhaul time. I realized after I got the plane into my workshop that the landing gear was badly twisted. The seller offered to fix it. He did a great job and when he brought it back to me I got to work. The to-do list was extensive (see the Modifications section below)... but I'm done and the plane is ready to go. And to my good fortune, a fellow club member with plenty of giant scale aerobatic experience has offered to help me with the final setup at the field.


I have a few flights on the SBach now and it's an amazing plane - it goes just where you point it and flies as if on rails. The DA 50 is a sweet engine and the canister really keeps the noise down. I've had a few minor mishaps and not a lot of time to practice aerobatics but so far I'm very happy with it.

The top of the wing, which is mostly white, all but disappears when turning against cloud with the canopy towards me. I'm going to have to put some bold black marks on that surface.

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Flight statistics

Flight time: 1h 11m
Takeoffs: 18
Landings: 16 (two minor crashes)

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Wingspan: 2210 mm (87")
Length: 2006 mm (79")
Weight: 9.0 kg (19.8 lbs)
Powerplant: Desert Aircraft DA-50R 50cc two-stroke gas
Receiver: Futaba R6008HS
Receiver batteries: 6.6V 2500 mAH A123 x 2 w/ Smart Fly BatShare
Ignition battery: 6.6V 2200 mAH A123, regulated to 5.2V
Ignition kill: Smart-Fly fibre optic
Aileron servos: Savox SC0251MG x 2
Elevator servos: Hitec HS-5945MG x 2
Throttle servo: Hitec HS-625MG
Rudder servo: Hitec HS-5945MG

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Fuel system

Landing gear

Gear mount repair


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Overhaul photos

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Airframe manual1

Powerplant manual2

1The Slipstream 50cc manual is lacking in detail and poorly written. However, it does list the recommended control throws and CG. The copy I have was scanned by a friend who owns the same plane; repeated requests to Slipstream for a copy of the manual went unanswered.

2Note that the manual has not been updated in some time and the section on Fuel and Oil Mix (page 5) is no longer current. Desert Aircraft's top recommendation is now Red Line two-stroke oil in a 40:1 mixture. Don't take my word for it, though - contact them at

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