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A fellow RC pilot and kind soul gave this to me in 2016. It has been converted from its original magneto ignition to a CH electronic ignition by Ralph Cunningham, which is a mark of distinction. I have been in touch with Ralph and he let me know that he started this type of conversion around 1989. He provides a lifetime guarantee, and it's still valid on this engine.

Muffler in position (bolts missing)

This engine is different from my other gassers in several respects.

Mounting - There are three mounting holes and they have 10-32 threads.

Mounting holes - 10-32

Carb - It's a Walbro WA197A with no choke.


The carb is also reedless.

Reedless carburetor

Ignition connection - RCA jack vs JR/Futaba connector.

Ignition jack

Muffler - points in an interesting direction.

Muffler in position (bolts missing)

Because so much about this engine is new to me, I'm building an engine test stand to try it out before I put it on a plane.

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Type: Single cylinder 2-stroke gas
Fuel: Shell 91 octane
Oil: Redline synthetic
Ratio: 32:1
Power: 1.9 hp
Displacement: 22.5cc (1.37 cu in)
Weight: 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs)
In service since owned: 0h 00m
Propeller(s): 16x8

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