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The DLE 20 ran fine in my Pulse 125 but it was always a little short on power. When an opportunity came to purchase this RCGF 32 from a fellow club member, I figured it'd be a better choice, and it is. The extra weight of the motor allowed me to remove all of the lead ballast in the Pulse so the weight and balance stayed the same, but the power - wow! High speed and unlimited vertical.

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Type: Single cylinder 2-stroke gas
Fuel: Shell 91 octane
Oil: Redline synthetic
Ratio: 32:1
Power: 3.9 hp
Displacement: 32cc (1.95 cu in)
Weight: 910g (32.1 oz)
Propeller(s): 18 x 8 2-blade, 16 x 10 3-blade
In service: 2h 15m
Fuel consumed: 1.9L

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Bowman ring installation

Gasket and reed surface lapping

Carburetor equalization

Single bolt prop conversion

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