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Over the winter of 2015/2016 I pulled the DLE 30 from my AMR Trainer 26 for installation in my RC Guys Cessna 150 Aerobat. After some time considering a replacement engine for the AMR 26, I settled on this beautiful piece of machinery - the RCGF 30cc twin.

The RCGF 30cc twin is here

I did get the engine installed in the AMR 26 and it flew nicely. In the end I needed the money for something else so I sold it.

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Type: Horizontally opposed 2 cylinder 2-stroke gas
Fuel: Shell 91 octane
Oil: Redline synthetic
Ratio: 32:1
Power: 3.7 hp
Displacement: 30cc (1.83 cu in)
Weight: 1.1 kg (38.4 oz) including ignition and mufflers
In service: 0h 10m
Fuel consumed: 240 mL
Propeller(s): 18x8 (break in), 18x10, 19x8, 20x8

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