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OS 65 LA - front view


This engine came installed on my RTF trainer airplane, the Hobbistar 60. It ran faithfully throughout its use, though like all glow engines it rapidly consumes fuel that costs over $5/L and a lot of the oil in that fuel ends up on the outside of the plane. In late 2013 I pulled it out of the plane and sold it, along with all of my glow power accessories. All of my airplanes are now gas powered.

When I bought the plane the engine was available separately; it has since been discontinued.

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Type: 2-stroke glow
Fuel: Regular or synthetic glow fuel
Oil: Castor or synthetic (premixed in fuel)
Ratio: 5-15% nitromethane
Power: 1.7 hp
Displacement: 10.85cc (0.662 cu in)
Weight: 535g (18.9 oz)
Propeller(s): 12 x 6 2-blade, 11 x 7 3-blade

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