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First close look


My first gas engine, this DLE 20 has been equipped from the start with a Bisson wraparound Pitts-style muffler and has powered both the Pulse 125 and the Hobbistar. Now it's going into my Great Planes Super Stearman.

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Type: Single cylinder 2-stroke gas
Fuel: Shell 91 octane
Oil: Redline synthetic
Ratio: 32:1
Power: 2.5 hp
Displacement: 20cc (1.22 cu in)
Weight: 820g (28.9 oz)
Propeller(s): 16 x 8 2-blade, 15 x 7 3-blade
In service: 8h 48m
Fuel consumed: 7.6L

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Bowman ring installation

Gasket and reed surface lapping

Carburetor equalization

Soldering the choke plate hole

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