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Desert Aircraft - a revered name in RC gas engines. This one came installed in a Slipstream SBach 342 that I purchased secondhand late in 2012. It's an extremely reliable performer - it doesn't four-stroke, it doesn't deposit oil on the airplane and I have never touched the carb needles. Mated to a canister, it's very quiet. The specified ratio for Redline Racing oil in this engine is 40:1, but my other engines prefer a slightly slicker brew so I switched to 32:1 for everything. Nary a problem.

It was still in the SBach when I sold that plane in 2015.

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Type: Single cylinder 2-stroke gas
Fuel: Shell 91 octane
Oil: Redline synthetic
Ratio: 32:1
Power: 5.0 hp
Displacement: 50cc (3.05 cu in)
Weight: 1.33kg (2.9 lbs)
Propeller(s): 23 x 8 2-blade

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Carburetor equalization

Carburetor tuning access

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