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For me, this is where it started - a Christmas gift from my wife in 2010. This Super Cub is constructed out of foam and fits into the category of park flyer. It employs three channels - for elevator, throttle and rudder - no ailerons. I wanted the Bind'n'Fly (BNF) version because I planned to use the airplane with the Spektrum DX5e transmitter that was supplied with Phoenix, an RC flight simulator. After plenty of practice on the simulator I took to the air in a local park - what a thrill! I flew it a couple of times before I started searching for a club so I could learn to fly properly. When I found one, I quickly learned that with the light weight and lack of ailerons made Super Cub LP a less than ideal trainer. The Super Cub doesn't get a lot of use anymore, but it hangs in the basement ready for the day when my daughter wants to learn.

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Wingspan: 1200 mm (47.7")
Length: 825 mm (32.5")
Weight: 715 g (25.2 oz)
Powerplant: 480 brushed electric
Receiver: 2.4GHz DSM2 receiver/ESC
Receiver battery: 3S 11.1V 1300 Li-Po
Ignition battery: N/A
Aileron servo: N/A
Elevator servo: Parkzone PKZ1060
Throttle servo: N/A
Rudder servo: Parkzone PKZ1060

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Battery box reinforcement (coming soon)

Wing saddle reinforcement (coming soon)

Landing gear reinforcement (coming soon)

Wheels (coming soon)

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Airplane manual

Battery safety sheet

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