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Remove stickers

When I received the SBach it was covered in stickers, the least attractive of which were the giant Slipstream logos. I decided they all had to go. To the shop!

Remove the stickers

Take a look at the plane:

many stickers

That's a lot of stickers

With a little persuasion, they all came off:

stickers off

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Clean up the residue

The stickers left a lot of goo behind. I tried lots of methods to remove it, including peanut butter:

pb goo remover

It worked quite well, but in the end I went with Goo Gone spray gel and this handy plastic blade:

plastic blade

The Goo Gone leaves a light oily film behind, so follow it up with some Windex

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Repair covering

Lots of covering repairs were required. To the shop!

Some problem areas were just tears. Some were covered by stickers:

sticker coverup

Some were caused during sticker removal:

sticker coverup

And other patches were needed where unneeded parts were removed:

fuel dot patch

I thought I'd found a reference stating that this plane was covered in Ultracote. I couldn't find a matching red so I went with what was closest. It's hardly noticeable on small repairs.

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Apply decals

With the stickers gone and the covering cleaned up it was time to add some decals of my own. To the shop! But to the office first!

Design the decals

Back when I was building my Pulse 125 I took my first foray into custom water transfer decals and I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't - watch for a tutorial on that in the future. In the meantime, for the SBach I made my usual logo and registration letters:

logo and reg letters

I made some switch decals too:


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