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I've been interested in this particular ARF model nearly as long as I've been in the hobby, and I've been wanting to put together a scale airplane for a while. This model is based on a 1973 Cessna 150L Aerobat, serial number A1500444.


Planned power is a DLE 30 that I will remove from my AMR 26. Most of the time that airplane gets flown at 1/3 throttle, and it always brings back more than half a tank after ten minutes in the air. I'll keep an eye out for a smaller engine for the AMR. The planned fuel tank for the Cessna is a 330 mL Fiji bottle.

For the the first time I will use an Ignition Battery Elimination Circuit (IBEC). The Tech-Aero Ultra IBEC costs only slightly more than the ignition battery it obviates. Its integrated ignition voltage regulation and ignition cutoff eliminate the need to purchase those components separately so there are savings in cost, weight and space... and there is 4-stage filtering to keep ignition noise out of the receiver wiring. Based on my calculations a single 2500 mAh A123 battery will provide more than enough capacity.

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Flight statistics

Flight time: 0h 05m
Takeoffs: 1
Landings: 1

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Wingspan: 2440 mm (96")
Length: 1700 mm (67")
Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)
Centre of Gravity: On main spar, 89mm (3.5") from leading edge of wing root
Powerplant: DLE 30
Fuel-oil ratio: 32:1
Tank setup: 330 mL Fiji bottle, 3-line system
Receiver: Futaba R6008HS
Battery: 6.6V 2500mAH A123
Power management: Tech-Aero IBEC Ultra
Throttle servo: Hitec HS-425BB
Rudder/nosewheel servo: Hitec HS-645MG
Elevator servos: Hitec HS-125MG x 2
Aileron servos: Hitec HS-625MG x 2
Flap servos: Hitec HS-645MG x 2

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Flight experiences

2016-05-26 After putting it together at the field and having it checked over by a buddy I took the Cessna up for its first flight. I had forgotten to set up the throttle timer so it was short - about five minutes. The plane showed no bad habits; the CG was good and the only trimming needed was 4 clicks of down elevator. The idle was a little high, which made for a fast landing. A post-flight check revealed that two cowl screws were missing and seveal more were loose. Everything has been corrected.

Just before touchdown (photo credit Hal MacDonald)

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Airframe manual

IBEC manual


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